How to Save Money on Online Shopping

How to Save Money on Online Shopping

Though online shopping is increasing day by day some people are of the view that online shopping is expensive in comparison to offline shopping as you can’t bargain with the buyers and moreover they charge delivery charges also. It’s a myth, as through online shopping you can save more in comparison to offline shopping.  Below mentioned are a few tips for saving money through online shopping so that you can get hold of the best deal.

1)    Price comparison:

The first and the basic tip to follow while shopping online is compare prices of the product through different sites as there are dozens of sites out there offering the same product but at different prices. The process is time-consuming and requires lots of efforts but all this pain is worth when it comes to saving money.

2)    Discount coupon codes:

From time to time various discount offers and coupons codes are offered by these online shopping sites. You can avail these discount offers and coupon codes during checkout to get some additional discount on your final bill. Use these discount offers and coupon codes strategically in order to save more.

3)    Cashback or reward points:

Coupon codes and discount offers aren’t the only way through which you can save money while shopping online. Some of the sites offer cash backs and reward points to its customers who shop regularly from their sites and you can avail these rewards points whenever you wish.

4)    Don’t be an impulsive buyer:

While shopping online don’t buy things just for the sake of buying it or just to increase the number of things in your cart. See whether that product is useful to you or not because usually, people regret after buying such things.

5)    Price alerts:

The prices of the products vary from day to day, in order to get the product at the cheap price use price tracker so that you can get to know when the online price of that product drops.

6)    Watch out for deals on social media platforms:

Various branded companies are active on social media for the promotion of their company and for this various attractive deals are offered by them to the general public. If you also wish to have access to these attractive deals then follow your favorite brands on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

7)    Different browsers:

Some shopping sites especially the travel category sites increase their prices by looking at your previous browsing history or based on your location. To save yourself from this trap use different browsers or search engines like incognito mode in your browser as they won’t be able to look at your previous browsing history and will treat you as a new customer.

8)    Sale:

In India, there is usually no cyber Monday or black Friday like in foreign countries where the products are offered at a heavy discount instead of Indian shopping sites organize sale during festive season and holidays. So don’t be in a hurry to shop from online sites wait for the sale so that you can buy products at cheap rates.

9)    Add items in your cart:

Instead of immediately buying the products, add your desired products in the cart and don’t order them this way you can save yourself from impulse buying. Most retailers don’t like enclosed deals and in order to retain their customers, they may offer the product at better prices.

10)    Check for free delivery:

Before placing an order see to it that whether that site offers free delivery or not as some shopping sites offer free delivery when a customer shop up to a specified amount. This way you can save yourself from delivery charges.


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