Best Indonesian Grocery Store Online in Australia

Indonesian cuisine is considered one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines of the world as it is full of intense flavors. Indonesian cuisines are electric and diverse and it mainly includes rice, wheat and a number of starchy grocery items like potato, sweet potato, taro, cassava and etc. Some of the popular Indonesian dishes which are also considered as the national dishes of Indonesia are

1) Gado-Gado: It is also known by the name of lotek, it is an Indonesian salad that consists of slightly boiled or blanched vegetables, boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu and rice wrapped in banana leaf and are served with peanut sauce dressing.

2) Satay: It is a dish of skewed and grilled meat and is served with a peanut and soy sauce. Mostly chicken, beef, goat, mutton, pork, and fish meat is used in preparing this dish.

3) Soto: It is a traditional soup of Indonesia and it is composed of vegetables, broth, and meat. It is considered as the comfort food of Indonesia as it is served warm with a tender texture.

4) Nasi Goreng:  It simply refers to fried rice served with pieces of meat and vegetables spiced with soy sauce, shrimp paste, tamarind, chilli etc.

If you are an Indonesian living in Australia and don’t have time to buy nutritious and healthy Indonesian groceries for yourself and because of this it’s been a while since you have been compromising on your health then online grocery shopping is just meant for you to ease up your burden of visiting grocery store every now and then.

Where to buy Indonesian groceries in Australia?

There are various grocery stores in Australia such as Woolswoth supermarket, Drakes supermarket, Indo-Asian grocery store, Coles supermarket, and various other supermarkets but Indo-Asian grocery store is considered as the best among all because:

1) All famous brands: The store provides all the famous brands of Indonesian groceries in Australia, be it Conimex, CAP IPU Mother brand, Yeo’s, ABC etc. all under one roof.

2) Not readily available: The products which are available in this store are not readily available in other Australian grocery stores which is the highlight about this store.

3) In-store and online shopping: The store not only provides online shopping facility, but it also provides in-store shopping facility to its customers and the staff members who are appointed in the store are very helpful and generous.

4) Wide variety: The store provides a wide range of meat which forms an essential part of Indonesian cuisines.

5) Home delivery: To ease up their customer’s burden the store provides the facility of delivering groceries at their doorsteps so that the customers don’t have to drag their shopping bags from one store to another while shopping and nor they do have to stand in long queues to make payment for the shopping done by them.

6) Fresh products: Not only the groceries available in the store are fresh but the packed food available in the store is also fresh and free from any additional preservatives.

7) User-friendly website: The website is specially designed in such a simple and easy to use way so that a not so literate person can also use their website and get hold of fresh and nutritious Indonesian groceries.

8) Affordable prices: The prices at which the products are being available in the store are very much affordable in comparison to prices which are being quoted by other grocery stores in Australia.

9) Experienced: This store is a very old and experienced store as it has been more than 8 years since they have been working in providing fresh and pure groceries. They very well understand what customer’s demands are and how their demands can be satisfied.

Hurry up and order Indonesian groceries from this store and prepare a grand feast for your loved ones and fall in love with Indonesian cuisines.



Best Japanese Grocery Store Online in Australia

Japanese Grocery Store Online Australia

Japanese Grocery Store Online Australia

Living in an alien country away from family and friends feels all the more torturous when you don’t get to eat the food which you have eaten all your childhood. In today’s time, this is a very common situation as people are busy in chasing their dreams and goals that they don’t have time for themselves and for their health, be it India, America, Australia or any other country.

Everyone wants an easy access to each and everything, be it clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry or groceries.  Thanks to technology for making our life easy and hassle-free. As online shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup etc. are very much in trend likewise online groceries shopping is also trending nowadays.

Grocery stores are the stores where fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, non-perishable food that is packed in boxes, bottles, cans etc. are available. In order to expand their business; grocery stores have started selling groceries online so that they can satisfy their customer needs. Groceries are like the basic needs of a human being and with online groceries stores, the task of buying groceries has become much easier. Gone are the days when people would spend hours standing in long queues at the grocery stores.

To all the Japanese living out there in Australia, it’s time for you to call for celebrations as now you can get Japanese food in Australia. All thanks to one and only Indo-Asian grocery store for providing this service to the Japanese living in Australia.

Why choose Indo-Asian grocery store?

There are various grocery stores in Australia such as Woolworths Supermarket, Coles Supermarket, Drakes Supermarket and so on. Indo-Asian grocery store is the best among them. Let’s have a look at the arguments which prove it’s the best grocery store.

1)    Product categorization:

At Indo-Asian grocery, the products are classified under one hundred categories so that the customers can easily find the products which they have been looking for. Categorization of products enables customers to save their precious time. The various categories in which the products are categorized are jam, oil, tea, rice, pudding and etc.

2)    Shop by brand:

If you are brand freak and don’t want to switch to any other brand then this store is the perfect option for you all, as the store enables its customers to shop by various national and international products.

3)    Shop by country:

The Indo-Asian grocery store is the only store in Australia which provides its customers the facility to shop by country i.e. now you can have a taste of Japanese, Mexican, European or any other country’s food you wish to have.

4)    Online or offline:

The store provides the facility of online as well as offline shopping to its customer. You can opt for any either online or in-store shopping whichever is convenient for you.

5)    User-friendly:

The website of the store is very user-friendly and as such, you won’t face any problem while shopping online.

6)    Convenient shopping hours:

With the online shopping facility, you can now conveniently shop whenever you want. There are no fixed hours to shop online, you can place an order at midnight or early morning or whenever you feel like.

7)    Premium quality products:

The products offered by the store are of premium quality and as a result, the products tend to last longer than the products which are being offered by other stores.

8)    Large collection:

The store has more than five thousand products to offer its customers with varied needs and varied budgets.

9)    Payment options:

Various payments options are being provided by the store such as cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, and payment through PayPal or any other payment application.

10)    Trustworthy store:

The store is a trustworthy store has it provides genuine products to its customers. They have been in this field for more than ten years now and they have a good reputation in the market.

What are you waiting for? Click here and start filling your shopping cart with your favorite groceries.



Best Mexican Grocery Store Online in Australia


Do you shop in Mexican Grocery Stores? If not, you may be missing out on some good ingredients. We know that it’s very difficult to find an authentic Mexican grocery store in a foreign land like America, Australia, India or any other place. If you are a Mexican and have been longing to have a taste of that authentic Mexican food in Australia, Indo-Asian grocery store is the best among the other grocery store in Australia.

Indo-Asian grocery selling Mexican Groceries From Mexico like Hot Sauce Habenaro, Hot sauce Jalapena, Chipotle Hot sauce, BBQ Sauce, Beans, Flour, Hot Sauce, Mexican Salsa, Tomatillo, Ancho chilli, Guajillo Chilli, chipotle in Adobe sauce.

The store has been serving the people living in Australia for more than 8 years now. They deliver fresh and authentic groceries of various countries like India, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico and etc. They have a huge inventory filled with top brands of grocery items and they give their customers 24 hours shipping facility across Australia. They have a range of more than 3000 grocery products for their customers.

Tired of visiting those small ethnic grocery stores every now and then? It’s time to switch to online grocery shopping and say goodbye to offline groceries shopping. If you are having second thoughts about online grocery shopping, consider these perks of online groceries shopping and trust me you won’t be able to resist yourself.

Why choose online shopping of Mexican groceries?

1. Ease up your burdens:

We all know that in present time everyone has equal responsibilities of household and office and with such responsibilities it very difficult for people to visit grocery stores on daily basis and search for Mexican groceries in the market. Online grocery shopping eases up people’s responsibilities and burdens as with online grocery shopping facility you don’t need to physically visit the grocery store and can easily get hold of fresh and healthy Mexican groceries.

2. Convenient method:

Online shopping is a very convenient method of grocery shopping through online shopping people can virtually shop their favorite items of Mexican groceries like green Mexican salsa, dark red kidney beans, home-style Mexican salsa etc.

3. Best deals:

Through online grocery shopping, people can have access to best deals such as buy one get one free, pay for one product and get other product absolutely free and other attractive deals for the betterment of their customers!

4. No crowds:

If you love to shop peacefully without any hustle bustle then online grocery shopping is just meant for you. Shopping in the crowded atmosphere can be a big headache as you don’t have to fight like cats and dogs with other people over same groceries whereas in online Mexican grocery shopping you can shop as long as you want to without getting tired.

5. Best price:

The Mexican groceries are available at cheap prices in online shopping as the groceries come directly from the manufacturer without any middleman being involved which is the major factor that attracts customer’s attention.

6. More variety:

One can get hold of several regional, national and international grocery brands from various sellers all in one place through online grocery shopping. The acme about these online grocery stores is that their stock is updated from time to time so that they never run out of stock.

7. No geographical barrier:

The best part about online grocery shopping is that you can shop from any corner of the world and can have easy access to all the international groceries which you may not find in your country.

8. Gifts:

Now distance doesn’t matter to show your love to your loved ones as with online grocery shopping you can get groceries delivered directly at your loved ones place and help them live a healthy and nutritious life.

Hurry up and order the best Mexican groceries available in Australia and organizing a grand feast for yourself and your loved ones.

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